The ZERO dollar mobile app that scales (frontend + backend + database)

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There are a lot of resources for startups and programmers on how to create a mobile app, but there are very few resources to learn which infrastructure or tech stack to use, especially if you want to keep things cheap or free.


The ZERO dollar solution

The ZERO dollar frontend

Fronted: react-native

The ZERO dollar backend

BONUS: this also solves a very big problem that I didn’t wanna face: servers. I hate them. I don’t like them and they don’t like me, probably because I don’t understand how they work and I’m bad at it, but being able to avoid them has completely changed our developing experience. We don’t need to worry about server load, updates, security, ghost processes taking 80% of RAM, nothing. We just write code and ship it with a click and scale automatically.
Honestly I feel like this was my best decision and it was the choice that made it possible for us to go faster than anyone else.

Backend: Azure Functions

The ZERO dollar database

Honestly I had never worked with non-relational database before, but the experience was fantastic. One of the best thing is that it forces you to think about your app in advance and plan how you have to structure your data, having said that, adding things is super easy. Plus you can just query it in SQL so for me the switch was very welcome.

Database: Cosmos DB

Are there alternatives?



If you are building a SaaS business and were wondering if we have a completely free solution for you, you are in the right place! We have written an article for that too, learn how to launch a saas business for free all included.

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Good luck on your journey.

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